One non-qualified president at a time

During Edward Moore Kennedy’s first campaign for the Senate, his opponent, Edward McCormick Jr., commented, "If your name was Edward Moore, instead of Edward Moore Kennedy, your candidacy would be a joke." By the same lights, if Hillary Rodham Clinton were just Hillary Rodham, she wouldn’t be a candidate at all. The truth is that all of her alleged "accomplishments" are the result of the fact that she married Bill Clinton. She has accomplished nothing by herself. As a senator, she was responsible for no significant legislation and her tenure as secretary of state was truly dismal, one result being the current conditions in the Middle East.

Consider also that she is a blatant liar, as evidenced by her public statement about the attack that resulted in the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, that it was a "spontaneous reaction to a video that insulted Islam." We now know that she had already informed members of her family, and at least one Egyptian government official, that it was a planned terrorist attack. And yet she repeated the lie, as did President Barack Obama, by the way, for several days.

The woman has no qualifications whatsoever for the office of president of the United States. We are still experiencing the consequences of having elected, and incredibly re-elected, a person to that office who was, and is, totally without any real qualifications for the job. Why would any intelligent adult want to do that again?

W. B. Heffernan Jr.