Demonizing every new energy option

There is a lot of opposition to various energy plans designed to give us different resources to help us cut the cost of electricity. They all have one thing in common: no one wants the lines in their backyard. The opposition is loud but shallow in numbers and the statewide need for new energy that lowers costs and meets our needs just keeps growing.

I understand the need to get this right, but when exactly did it become such a terrible thing to bring in new power supplies to New Hampshire and the region? How is cheap and cleaner energy such a bad thing?

From what I have read, Kinder Morgan will bury its pipeline so no one will see it, and their route is exactly where other power lines sit right now. Why is this so bad? If it lowers my electricity bill and no one can even see the pipeline, then what’s the problem?

Our state is suddenly demonizing every option for new electricity. What does that say to business owners who need to cut costs, or potential business leaders who are looking to relocate to New Hampshire? If we close the door on projects like Kinder Morgan, we cut off economic development and growth.

Matt Robert