An alternative to the anointed candidate

John H. Sununu, Judd Greg, and Steve Merrill were great governors two decades ago, and they have been picking the Republican gubernatorial candidates for the last 20 years with little success. Over those two decades only one two-year term was filled by a Republican. Now, they have picked Chris Sununu, the CEO of the ski resort the Sununu’s bought. Perhaps it is time for the wider base of the more conservative wing of the party to have a say.

There are two candidates for governor in the Republican Party – Frank Edelblut and Chris Sununu – Without the name recognition but with superior experience in both the private sector and public, Frank Edelblut built one company from his dining room table to an 800-person consulting firm specializing in limiting the effect of government regulation on business. Frank has gone on to build a dozen more companies in other fields.

Two top Republicans have said Frank is the quickest study, most creative and effective and best representative in the House. Frank brings leadership with true experience to the race and will be a strong candidate to anyone who is looking for a person who can actually bring the New Hampshire Advantage back to New Hampshire.

David McConville