Kasich has only budget record

The latest polls show that Trump is leading in New Hampshire. The results might have been affected by the Paris bombings; but at this point in the primary process, voters should be trying to decide who they’d really like to elect for president, instead of trying to "send a message" about immigration or a general sense of dissatisfaction with government.

Trump doesn’t seem to have a public-service bone in his body – it’s all about Donald Trump, all the time – and his views on health care and other topics closely resemble those of the current president. As does that narcissism … . There are numerous capable alternatives, including one of the very few living Americans who had a meaningful role in balancing any federal budget, ever. That was John Kasich, in the 1990s.

Talk is cheap. History is littered with promises and disappointments. Let’s pick a candidate who shines on all the issues we care about, and who has a track record that shows action and commitment.

John Lumbard