BOE trying to bust custodial union

Pitting one union against another is an old union-busting tactic. In essence, the BOE has said that the only reason they would privatize custodial services in the schools was to save money. That money would then be able to be applied to retaining teachers and lowering class sizes. The BOE is asking the public to choose between the custodians and the teachers, saying that they are just looking out for the best interests of the children.

The president of the BOE has indicated that implementation of privatization has been successful in many communities and that money has been saved. He has failed to mention all of the specific problems that have been encountered.

Hiring an outside contractor would save health care and pension costs, get rid of seniority clauses, prevent future grievances and shift the burden of responsibility for the all future labor disputes to that contractor. The new company will be able to just fire any disgruntled employee. This is capitalism at its worst: All of the power will rest with the employer.

Loyalty to the school will never be attained, as the low wages paid by the contractor will result in great turnover. Extras that are provided by our current custodians will become a thing of the past. Money will be saved, however. But what about dignity? Is the disruption of the lives of 101 families worth the money? Nashua should consider itself better than that.

Michael Clemons