Supports Moriarty for Nashua mayor

I support of Alderman Dan Moriarty for mayor. I commend his close attention to the details of the budget and willingness to make the difficult votes against spending we cannot afford. Dan reminds me of the late Ward 7 Alderman Richard Flynn. They share the ability to see the hidden costs in a proposal and the political courage to vote against it, a huge plus for the majority of the population.

Although my daughters are no longer in school, I understand the need to fund our city schools and services at a proper level. At the same time, as a retired senior on a fixed income, I am careful of my finances, as we all are. I have worked for Mr. Moriarty in his prior campaigns and watched him on the Board of Aldermen for nearly four years and am glad to have him representing me. He is able to balance the city’s finances well and never forgets the seniors.

On Tuesday Sept. 8, I’m starting my day by voting for Alderman Dan Moriarty for mayor of Nashua.

Michael Chrissis