Nuclear agreement with Iran is a disaster

Whatever happened to ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists?’ I’m not opposed to finding a diplomatic way to make sure Iran never develops nuclear weapons. But the very first item on the agenda should have been ending Iran’s state sponsorship of terrorism.

What is the point of scaling back sanctions on Iran if they’re just going to use that money to support terrorist groups that want to wipe us off the map? Surely, if violent terrorist groups asked the Obama administration for money directly, the answer would be "no." So, how is it any more acceptable to free up money for a regime that we know is sponsoring violent terrorist groups with no assurances that new money isn’t going directly to sponsor terrorism?

This Iran deal is a disaster and New Hampshire’s elected leaders should say so. So far, only Sen. Kelly Ayotte is taking a leading role in speaking out on the real dangers in this deal. The rest of our congressional delegation should join her.

Gary Lambert