Deane’s conservatism is really just folklore

Alderman David Deane has been less than honest with his claims of being a fiscal conservative. He says in his 18 years he has never overridden the spending cap. His statements are misleading.

In 2014 the spending cap was exceeded by using a one-time accounting gimmick that several aldermen considered a "bypass" or an "end around." Deane voted for the gimmick. Since becoming board president he has voted for almost every single unaffordable salary contract making it impossible to meet the spending cap without layoffs or cuts to sports programs. The most egregious contract grows nearly 20 percent in three years; he voted for it.

Deane will scrutinize budget items to save pennies then vote for over-spending in the millions of dollars. The truth of his voting record is he is not a fiscal conservative. The legend of David Deane is really just folklore.

Michael Sheckler