Donchess best choice for mayor of Nashua

As a former state representative, Alderman-at-Large and Board of Education member in Nashua, I want what is best for this city and all its residents. But in the past few years I’ve seen a decline that is hurting our families and our community. I believe Jim Donchess is the best person to restore Nashua to its former glory. With him as mayor, Nashua can be one of the "Best Places to Live in America," as it was before, according to Money Magazine. Nashua won that title while Donchess was mayor, which is no coincidence. When he was mayor he helped launch public kindergarten and made sure Nashua had the lowest equalized tax rates in New Hampshire.

He is dedicated to improving the quality of our public schools and will support police officers in their efforts to curb drug addiction and drug-related crimes. As mayor he will also advocate for the extension of rail services from Boston to Nashua and Manchester, which is something I think all Nashua residents would agree would be incredibly beneficial to our city and its economy.

At present, Donchess is an Alderman-at-Large for Nashua, and in that role he has advocated for fiscal accountability and a more open and transparent government. If he becomes mayor again, he plans to do the same. So please, go out and vote on Sept, 8 for Jim Donchess, I know he will be the right man for the job,

Suzan Franks