David Deane is city’s man for all seasons

The clear choice in Nashua on Sept. 8 is to vote for the candidate who we already know works tirelessly for the citizens of our city. My choice will be David Deane and I am happy to share my reasoning with Nashua voters.

David Deane has served Nashua in a manner unmet by most other elected officials. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a candidate and I know you will join me in voting for David Deane.

Who was instrumental is getting a new fire station in Ward 7 at low cost? David Deane.

Who saved the skateboard park for our youth when the mayor was willing to let developers tear it down and get the taxpayers to rebuild it? David Deane.

Who convinced the mayor to finally install new playground equipment at Sargents Avenue and use the money that had been set aside in escrow for almost three years? David Deane.

Who was willing to cut the grass so that Nashua’s youth could play baseball on opening day? David Deane.

Who helped facilitate building the senior center while keeping costs low? David Deane.

David Deane has proven that he is a "Man for All Seasons." Deane is running for mayor solely to keep Nashua unique and desirable while continuing its long, proven history of success and prosperity for all of us. David Deane deserves and has earned our vote. I hope you agree.

Judith A. Hogan