Will Medicare survive to next milestone?

Happy birthday to Medicare on its golden jubilee. But will Medicare see a diamond jubilee? For half a century, Medicare has provided hard-working families and seniors with health care and shielded them from bankruptcy. Today, the Affordable Care Act has extended the solvency of the Medicare trust fund and saved seniors billions in drug costs. Seniors no longer have to sacrifice all they have earned in their lives to protect their health; they are no longer forced to die bankrupt.

But Republicans want to roll back Medicare’s progress. Jeb Bush has doubled down on his intentions to "phase out" Medicare, ending benefits for people who have paid into the program their whole lives. Kelly Ayotte has repeatedly supported the Paul Ryan budget, which would have ended Medicare as we know it. Her support of a voucher program in place of Medicare would rob more than 450,000 seniors and soon-to-be seniors of benefits they have rightfully earned.

Medicare arose from concerns for people’s well being. It is a promise between America and its seniors. Why are Republicans set on breaking the promise? Why do they seek to slash benefits and leave today’s seniors and future generations out in the cold?

Robert DiGrazia