We need to control climate disruption

As an avid skier for over 60 years and former high school ski coach, I’ve watched winters in New England change dramatically. Last winter we were introduced to the Polar Vortex which plunged New Hampshire ski areas into an extension of the arctic while ski areas in the far west were warm and snowless. This is just one example of the extreme weather that’s a result of climate disruption.

Scientists now understand that carbon contributes to climate disruption. Electricity generation is responsible for 40 percent of the carbon pollution in America. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Power Plan to lower carbon nation-wide. While New Hampshire and the other Northeast states have reduced carbon for the past seven years as part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, this will be completely new for other states like Tennessee and Oklahoma. New Hampshire must continue to set carbon pollution reduction targets for power plants above and beyond minimum federal limits through the forthcoming RGGI Program Review, and expand successful energy efficiency and clean energy targets to achieve carbon-free electricity.

As wind and solar sources are now the cheapest forms of electric energy, the fossil fuel industry clings to their old ways and wants us to ignore the changes wrought by King Coal or the other fossil fuels. Switching to clean energy will benefit homeowners, businesses, towns and cities. We have a choice to act to protect our future or support big business interests. The Clean Power Plan is America’s chance for us to control climate disruption, reduce costs and save our planet.

Jerry Curran