Deane has been a watchdog for the city

Just about any budget hearing over the last 14 years has included Alderman David Deane, complete with a copy of the proposed budget, bristling with question marks. Each and every line item gets a thorough scrutiny and, if significant, a total research analysis. Nobody does budget homework better than Dave. I have lived in the Nashua area twice, 1960-67 and again from 1981 to the present, and in that time I don’t think there has been a more efficient alderman.

David has graduated "cum laude" from the school of hard knocks. I can’t think of a more qualified candidate; he knows city finances inside out. I urge voters to vote for David Deane for mayor. Over his 14 years as an alderman he has saved the taxpayers of Nashua thousands of dollars.

Dennis Ryder