Ayotte votes tell a different story

As a practicing obstetrician gynecologist for more than 34 years, I am disappointed with Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s persistent attempts to limit access by the women of New Hampshire to affordable medical services including contraception, cancer detection, breast exams and STD prevention. She has consistently voted to limit funding of Planned Parenthood, an important provider of health care to many poor and uninsured women, including more than 12,000 in New Hampshire alone. She has also supported amendments and laws to allow employers to opt out of contraception and other coverage they find personally objectionable. Voting in lock with the Republicans, she has attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act which has enabled millions of Americans to obtain essential preventative services.

It is time for Ayotte and her fellow Republicans to stop trying to force their way into decisions that should only be made between a woman and her doctor. Despite their continued attacks on women’s health care, the Guttmacher Institute recently reported that the rate of abortions in this country is plummeting, as are unintended pregnancies, while birth rates have stayed stable. These changes are almost certainly due to readily available and affordable contraception and family planning services.

When voters go to the polls next November they should hold Ayotte accountable for her repeated attempts to undermine families and women’s health and put additional economic burdens on women and families as a result of a purely partisan crusade.

Wayne L. Goldner