Planned Parenthood was there for her

Kudos to The Telegraph, Gov. Maggie Hassan, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for their principled stands in support of an organization that helps so many low-income women obtain health care. One would think that the goal of planning for parenthood would be something all could agree upon. And yet, Republican presidential candidates, Congress and the New Hampshire Executive Council are moving to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

In states like Louisiana where Planned Parenthood does not – I repeat, not – provide abortions, Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to de-fund their clinics. Gov. Scott Walker already has, and Gov. Jeb Bush cut back funding, in their states. The Executive Council has voted to do so in parts of New Hampshire.

As someone who could not afford other health care providers as a young adult, I needed Planned Parenthood’s low-cost OB/GYN exams and access to medication. I see this effort to defund them as an attack on young women and low-income families, disguised as a pro-life cause celebre.

Renae Lias Claffey