Columnist’s bias was much too apparent

It appears to me that June Lemen’s column of Aug. 11 should have been labeled as an editorial and placed on the proper page. She clearly leans toward the Democratic Party agenda with her vitriol directed at almost every Republican primary candidate. She left almost no stone unturned in disrespecting every individual. I find it very distasteful that she attacks Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Christianity saying he is "a Christian who thinks God allows one of His children to gun down others of His children to teach others to allow God in our schools." Does she really believe that all Christians share this same belief? If so, I dare say she needs some serious help. This attitude is very similar in tone to the current administration’s dismissal of opposing opinions as "racist." We have heard six years of dismissal of Republicans as irrelevant by someone who has shown minimal inkling to work with Congress in favor of ruling by fiat. This attitude only exacerbates the polarity in government.

I guess she would rather fall in line like those lemmings who believe that a more credible leader is someone whose integrity is in serious doubt, and who always seems to be right on the edge of a precipice in terms of dark clouds of potential scandals. Washington is clearly broken. The definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. We clearly need to do something different to really accomplish change, not just promise it. I suggest Ms. Lemen examine the Kool-aid that she is drinking to really find out what it contains. The status quo will not work.

Michael Chisholm