Buchanan was right about Israel loyalty

Patrick Buchanan is right on ("Allies in fight to the finish") when he laments Israeli disloy­alty to the U.S. in opposing the Iran nuclear deal. But, instead of urging the Obama administration to kick out the Israeli ambassa­dor, he should call out members of U.S. Congress for being more loyal to the Israeli government than many of the Israeli citizen. They fail to hear the J Street support of the Iran nuclear deal, as well 29 scientists, former admirals, generals, diplomats and practically the whole world. At times they seem to take orders from Netanyahu. It is so unseemly to see them to go Israel to meet Netanyahu as though he is the defacto U.S. president when it comes to foreign policy. Netanyahu is clearly driving the U.S. to go to war with Iran for him. He wants the U.S. to do the dirty work for him, failing to see the nuclear deal is not only in the U.S. interest but also in Israel’s interest. Maybe they think they do. But going to Israel to seek Netanyahu’s blessings and orders is not the way to do it.

K. V. Sastry