Why spend money for Planned Parenthood?

I would like to reply to your editorial of Aug. 7.

You say the Executive Council is stuck in the ’50s and out of touch, yet you and the governor seem to be the out-of-touch ones. She claims she doesn’t launch an investigation because of an edited tape. I’ve seen the tape, and the Planned Parenthood personnel spoke pretty clearly, edited or not. I would think it would deserve an investiga­tion. And The Telegraph claims David Wheeler’s letter would be valid except for some of his past votes and beliefs. So Wheeler can’t be right because he’s anti-abortion? Or maybe he just doesn’t want taxpayers money used for such purposes?

You further claim that Planned Parenthood helps thousands of poor women. Well, maybe that was true in the past, but now with Obamacare, shouldn’t everyone now have federally mandated, subsidized insurance? In fact, the poor get insured for free, so why should we spend taxpayer funds on Planned Parenthood? Poor women can go to the doctor of their choice, and taxpayers are already paying for their insurance. Plus, when there is fi­nancial gain involved, there is a huge temptation to push people into the more lucrative option of abortion instead of other less financially lucrative options.

Dan Sloan