Ayotte puts politics ahead of NH residents

I’m sad to see that Kelly Ayotte is putting her political future above the interests of New Hampshire residents by bowing to the influence of special-interest backers rather than fighting for Granite State stu­dents and families.

Kelly Ayotte may have gone to high school in Nashua and will often praise the education she received there, but she just recently voted to cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from her old school district, as well as the dis­tricts of Franklin, Conway, Berlin and Manchester. I have 16 grand­children, and most of them are going through the Nashua School District. So I have to ask, why is Sen. Ayotte supporting cuts that harm the ability of current New Hampshire students, like my grandchildren, to obtain the same quality education she did?

Furthermore, this past month she voted against the expansion of high-quality pre-K programs to 16,000 Granite State children, ignoring the fact that a good foundation for a child’s education means starting early.

These votes aren’t the first time Sen. Ayotte has voted against the interests of students. In March, she voted to cut nearly $90 billion in critical Pell Grants that help tens of thousands of New Hampshire students be able to afford college. She also has blocked a mechanism that would have allowed students to refi­nance their loans to make them less burdensome. In light of all of this, it’s tragically clear to me that Kelly Ayotte has no inter­est in helping students like my grandchildren.

Gloria Timmons