Governor chose to ignore Legislature

There’s been a lot of talk about the impact the state budget battles in Concord will have on seniors. Here are a couple things to remember. First, Gov. Maggie Hassan chose to ignore the Legislature’s clear instruction that $7 million was to go to nursing home reimbursements. This had an outsized negative impact on New Hampshire’s seniors because Hassan’s decision also cost nursing homes another $7 million in matching federal funds. Second, the best way to shore up long-term funding for seniors is to stem the tide of young people leaving our state and attract new businesses and new workers. The New Hampshire Senate has put forward a concrete plan to do just that. Gov. Hassan has promised to look into the problem, but wants to raise taxes on New Hampshire commuters in the meantime. Making it harder for quality nursing homes to service low-income residents and harder for the next generation to build their lives in New Hampshire is bad for everyone, but especially seniors.

Susan Story