Merrimack: Pipeline wouldn’t benefit NH residents

For those of you who may not be aware, Kinder Morgan is in the process of planning out their pipeline route across Southern New Hampshire. The gas pipeline is for them, not for us. There is no benefit to them putting this pipeline through our state. There is a list of 20 accidents that have occurred with Kinder Morgan pipelines in the past 11 years. Some have been fatal. They have stated that they are committed to safety. They have been saying that for years now, and the fatal accidents continue to occur. Houses have been destroyed, buildings evacuated, pipelines have ruptured, explosions have caused a blast crater.

In the town of Merrimack they wish to put the pipeline through our neighborhoods, the Horse Hill Nature Preserve, the Gilmore Hill Memorial Forest and the Merrimack Village District Water Works land. Our energy bills are not going to go down. They are not going to increase our gas supply in Merrimack or any other town in Southern New Hampshire. It will have a negative effect on our homes, our wildlife, farms, rivers and aquifers, just to name a few. Kinder Morgan is using our state as a transportation site, not a distribution to us. Stand up and protect the home you have worked so hard for. Go to The state of New Hampshire is our home, not Kinder Morgan’s.

Beth Burns