Pappas did the honorable thing

It’s a shame what people do to aid a friend. In this case, blind friendship cost a good man, from all accounts, a position he performed well. Mr. Tom Pappas, to his credit, reflected on what had occurred, then did the honorable thing and resigned. It’s what one would expect from an ethical man, and he should be commended.

On the other hand, Rep. David Campbell states that he was not charged for any driving offense, paid a fine, matter closed. But is it? He was not charged, but had he remained at the scene that evening, perhaps the story would be different. It would be interesting to hear a person in this situation tell the police, something they hear often, that he only had two adult beverages with his meal and that he accidently hit the gas rather than the brake.

Hopefully, for New Hampshire’s sake, his votes in Concord will come prior to having two adult beverages with his meal.

With friends like this, who needs enemies.

Wilfrid Marquis