Bad ideas don’t last forever

Thirty years of tax cuts and $17 trillion in debt has taken its toll on this country. Fortunately, bad ideas don’t last forever. Voters are distancing themselves from politicians who believe tax cuts are surplus dollars, intended to provide a positive cash flow to the wealthy. Bestowing trillions of tax dollars to millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires, profit-laden corporations and offshore tax havens has restricted the flow of capital.

Here’s how it works: You’re sitting in your easy chair watching TV, bombarded with political sound bites, when the phone rings. Your employer calls, saying their profit margin is down, so they have to let you go. Corporate lobbyists then petition Congress for a tax cut, because of a shrinking profit margin. Playing both ends against the middle (namely, you), the wealthy sit on their profit.

Today, tax cuts have created financial security for the wealthy and destabilized the rest of the country.

America is the court of last resort for the jobless, the homeless and the hungry – not a tax shelter for the wealthy.

Donald Jean