Disabled children hurt by sequester

The sequester is coming. Something so dumb that Congress would never let it go into effect will soon be in effect.

For reasons that have been pointed out in these pages, it is a bad idea. But having read the estimates of cuts that it would impose on New Hampshire, one struck me hardest – a $2.2 million cut to education for children with disabilities.

Cuts to educational opportunities for the disabled, including the large number of injured veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, are economically foolish because they rob people of opportunities to join the workforce.

But something in these proposed cuts seems even worse that foolish. They seem positively perverse.

In a state with 1.2 million people, even if $2.2 million didn’t represent a serious loss of resources, the timing of the cuts couldn’t be worse for New Hampshire.

Gov. Maggie Hassan has released a budget that goes some distance to correcting the previous Legislature’s foolish cuts to education and social spending, but given the timing, it is hard to imagine she’ll have time to protect the services threatened by this loss.

Further, as New Hampshire is historically a donor state – seeing less federal spending returned to our state than we send in taxes to Washington – this and the other losses in federal funds coming back to New Hampshire would further exacerbate this problem.

The president has said he’s willing to compromise. I just hope he finds someone to compromise with in time.

Keith McCrea