Arming teachers not the best option

The New Hampshire Legislature is considering allowing teachers who have a permit to carry the right to take weapons into the schools.

“(State Rep. Dan) Itse’s bill would allow school boards to ask voters if school employees who are licensed to carry a concealed gun should be allowed to do so while on school property,” according to a Feb. 22 story in The Telegraph.

While I applaud the efforts to make our schools safe, I have to totally disagree with this proposal. In this state, the license to carry a concealed weapon requires no proof that you have the skill to use it. For those of you who have children in school, picture the kindergarten teacher carrying a Glock .40 caliber. Scary isn’t it?

New Hampshire law will not allow an individual with no teaching credentials to teach in a public school. Why then would you allow someone with no weapons training to carry a firearm in a school?

Weapons training is like any muscle memory activity. You cannot just pick up a weapon and be skilled in its use. It takes practice, practice and more practice.

For those who believe increased protection is needed in our schools, perhaps a good solution would be using retired military and police officers.

They represent a population that has developed the skills of weapons use over many years and are on the whole a very civic-minded group that would use those skills to provide school security.

Jerry DiGrezio