Up to Nashua voters to change BPW time

Up to city voters
to change BPW time

Unfortunately, the answer to the conclusion in a recent Telegraph editorial is a resounding “Yes!” (Feb. 20: “Do we really need to change the city charter
in order to encourage a city board to schedule its meetings at a time most accessible to the public?”).

As I understand the situation, previous attempts to change the Board of Public Works meeting time have failed. The commissioners consider their board as an exclusive entity accountable to no one but themselves.

One commissioner recently stated the opinion that the 2 p.m. meeting time has garnered the most attendance.

There is no way to prove or disprove this statement because the board produces summary minutes that do not show whether guests were present; the minutes only summarize any comments made by the public.

The 2 p.m. meeting time excludes working Nashua taxpayers from attending meetings and practically eliminates them from running for one of the commissioner positions.

It is past the time to continue using gentle persuasion to change the meeting time.

A charter amendment appears to be the only solution to accomplish this important and long overdue change.

Michael Chrissis