Leave next phase of voter ID intact

On Nov. 6, I went to vote in Ward 4 of Nashua and was informed that I already had. The clerk stated that a woman had produced a New Hampshire driver’s license and claimed to be me.

The attorney general’s office is still investigating, so statements that there are no instances of voter fraud in New Hampshire are premature. (To my knowledge, there are still open cases besides mine, according to the investigating official.)

Claims that it was “administrative error” defy logic. Exactly how does one classify a fraudulent New Hampshire driver’s license produced to a voting clerk as an “administrative error”?

I’m sure the bus company in Alabama would have just preferred that Rosa Parks go to the back of the bus and be quiet.

But I’m not. I served my country in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve helped out with two state emergencies and, I must say, I’m tired. I’ve earned my right to have an electoral process that has integrity.

I’m not budging. I want to know my vote counts, not hope it gets counted.

I’m supporting the second phase of the voter ID law because the integrity of our election process depends on it.

This is not a Democrat thing. This is not a Republican thing. This is an American thing. That is why I am asking for your help.

Please urge your lawmakers to strike down HB 595, which would repeal the second phase of the voter ID law.

Alicen Hogan