Free Staters didn’t pick the right state

I don’t know why the Free State Project chose New Hampshire as the state in which it would attempt to impose its radical agenda (Feb. 19: “Free Staters, others back for forum / 4-day annual event to discuss limited government, liberties”).

Perhaps it was our motto, “Live Free or Die,” which is a relic of a far distant time in our history. Perhaps they saw New Hampshire residents as semiliterate bumpkins who would fall for any type of nonsense.

As a person who has lived in New Hampshire virtually all my life, I see us differently. I see us as reasonable people who believe in reasonable government and laws.

Drivers should be licensed. Cars should be registered. Speed limits are appropriate. Medical professionals should be licensed. Many other professionals (plumbers and electricians, for example) should be licensed. Science should be understood and respected. Reasonable gun laws should be enacted and enforced. People on drugs should not be driving on our roads.

All of the above proposals would be restricting someone’s “freedom,” and well they should in a civilized society.

Further, I believe we have a responsibility, through our government, to help those who, through no fault of their own, are unable to care for themselves. I know, it’s a radical idea.

I think the Free State Project might be more comfortable in Alaska, where they could establish their own communities, or perhaps in Mississippi or Texas, where they might find more like-minded, anti-government people.

New Hampshire people don’t want outsiders moving in and telling us how we should live. Please go somewhere else and leave us alone.

William Hodge