Gun debate needs to move to middle

To understand the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police support for a gun raffle, I went to and also read the “open letter” linked in the text.

My interpretation is that an enterprising gun shop owner saw an opportunity to capitalize on the Newtown tragedy and provided the organization with an incentive to bless their commercial efforts. 

What I do not see on the site is the cost per raffle ticket, the normal sales prices of the guns offered, or the amount that was promised to the association.  The stated beneficiary, the New Hampshire Police Cadet Training Academy, sounds like a wholesome and beneficial program.  

The response of the “gun community” to the Newtown events has been appallingly insensitive to those of us who are not so comfortable being surrounded by more and more guns.  An in-your-face attitude will not change minds, but rather will increase fear, resistance and the desire to put constraints on gun ownership.  

Can’t we meet with mutual respect somewhere in the middle? 

It seems to me that nongun people need to accept a certain amount of gun ownership around us, as well as the fact that there is no limitation that can prevent all tragedy. 

And responsible gun owners ought to accept that background checks are fundamentally reasonable to own these machines that are designed specifically for killing. 

If gun supporters were as vocally passionate and personally diligent about safety as they are about freedom, there would be fewer tragedies and more trust.

Ann Somers