Sandy bill fact-check was beside the point

I was disappointed in the front-page PolitiFact article in The Sunday Telegraph (Feb. 17: “Sen. Ayotte shares take on Sandy”).

I give Sen. Ayotte credit for her vote against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill for the issues that she stated. Like all bills, this emergency bill was loaded with pork, instead of just dealing with the needs of only those affected.

Your focus was only on her statement from a Feb. 3 guest commentary that Sandy spending is “more than the annual budget for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. And it’s more than twice the annual budget of the U.S. Energy Department.”

The issue shouldn’t be what both of those bloated departments spend. The point is, and should have been, was it true that 47 states share $16 billion that had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy, i.e., $2 million for roof repairs to the Smithsonian, $4 million for the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, etc.?

Why does every emergency bill in this country contain money for legislators’ pet projects that have nothing to do with the bill?

It is time we stopped this exorbitant spending, and Kelly was right to vote against it until these additional items are cut.

The campaigns are over for a short time. Can we start focusing on the real problems, not on he said, she said? Can we focus on substance?

Tim Doxzon