No reason to fear sequestration talk

No reason to fear
sequestration talk

Sequestration means previously approved expenditures are canceled, or the funding for authorized programs or acti-
vities is withheld administratively.

Usually, it has been exercised by the executive branch to withhold spending on projects the executive does not like.

In the current case, it refers to the congressional action that set up the supercommittee to cut spending.

If it failed, then across-the-board cuts would be made in defense and domestic discretionary funding.

Frankly, I think sequestration would be a good idea. It is about time the bureaucrats learned there is no deep pocket any-

I think the Department of Defense could withstand a 10 percent cut across the board without any real reduction in readiness, if the department implemented it carefully.

Of course, they are saying defense cuts would be drastic in terms of readiness to gin up public support for abandoning the sequestration.

The amount of smoke and mirrors associated with the congressional budgeting process is almost impossible for a sane man to comprehend.

In my view, the only way to really cut spending is to take the actual expenditures for the last year and reduce them by 1 percent across the board to set the budget for the coming year.

Let the bureaucrats figure
out how to allocate the money,
after they have cut their salary and benefit budgets by 1 per-

Keep doing that every year until the budget is balanced.

Robert L. Trowbridge