Kuster best choice for 2nd District

Money can be the “root of all evil,” and it certainly has become so in our political system.

The pervasive use of money by special interests is establishing a ruling class in our country, we believe, contrary to the intent of the Founding Fathers and, more specifically, the Constitution.

“We the People” does not mean some super PAC with someone in Kuwait contributing money for the election of some politician. The concept of a corporation being an individual, and the notion that money is an expression of free speech, is ludicrous.

If the best-known limitation of free speech is the denial of an individual’s right to “yell fire in a crowded theater,” then the auction of our country’s control to the highest bidder should be as an important restraint. Somehow, it isn’t.

The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court has paved the way for money to decide who will control the government, and it won’t be “We the People.”

What can a citizen do about it? We can insist that politicians seeking public office will represent the voters, not special interests

That’s why we are supporting Annie McLane Kuster to become our congresswoman in the 2nd Congressional District. We need people in Washington who will represent all of us, not an elite few.

It’s time for some governance in Washington instead of the 24-7, 365-days-a-year political reality show we now have.

Supporting and electing Annie in November is a good start.

Harold and Marilyn Solomon