Telegraph praised for new ‘attitude’

Having been in the public relations business for many years before moving to this area in 1979, I’ve been a devoted subscriber to The Telegraph.

But I couldn’t help but notice and be drawn to the new style and attitude that’s come to the content, reporting and transparency in almost every article the paper covers: from politics – local, regional and national – to regional and local articles of community interest.

Your writers are helping to let essential questions to be asked, remedies to be looked into, and solutions suggested.

Your staff is doing an absolutely outstanding job in doing what any good newspaper in our democracy should but seldom does – keeping the electorate informed with an outstanding job of reporting on items of general interest, with pros and cons.

Yes, you’re even challenging your readers to think, ask questions and be informed. Your editorials are indeed of the highest caliber. Today’s was an outstanding example.

Keep up the good – the excellent – work.

Betty Winberg