Need for remedial courses shocking

A recent Telegraph story stated that 78 percent of Nashua School District students need remedial English or math upon entering Nashua Community College (June 11: “Many grads are forced to play catch-up”)


We are graduating children from high school with no more than an eighth-grade education. We are teaching to the lowest common denominator to make students feel inclusive rather than educated.

This dumbing down of American education is evident throughout the world. We have slipped from first to 25th based on assessment tests.

In 1895, the Kansas Board of Education gave standardized tests to eighth-graders; that being the highest grade most people attained at that time. Now, very few adults or students could pass the test.

It’s an abomination that our great nation has allowed education to fall to such a degree. No child left behind has translated into all children left behind.

A legal immigrant knows more about American government and history than do our high school graduates. Parochial and charter schools are proliferating in the nation because of the dismal quality of public education.

There is enough blame to go around for our failing education. Educators, students and parents need to be more involved, and school districts need to spend their money more wisely at a time when nearly 30 percent of American students do not finish high school.

To the 22 percent of Nashua high school graduates who did not need to sign up for remedial courses, I applaud you for overcoming the deficiencies put before you.

Kevin T. McGuire