About those iPads for sixth-graders …

Reading the recent article about the purchase of iPads for Nashua’s sixth-graders (June 8: “6th-graders to get iPads this fall”), I noted that about two-thirds of the cost was funded by union-contract, health-care “savings.”

I was reminded of the recent Nashua Public Library Employees Union contract concession totaling roughly $28,000, the amount by which the library budget was increased within the next several days and which was acknowledged by the city attorney as a self-funded increase.

These budget increases give a perspective that the city is negotiating not from necessity, but with a preference to supplement city services and capital equipment with money previously contracted to its workers.

This most recent example has workers again contributing much more than if Nashua shared the cost. City government is neither fair nor transparent, if it manipulates its employees to avoid taxes.

Ken Bateman