Campaign finance bill should have passed

May 30 was a very sad day for New Hampshire. HB 1704 quietly died after a courageous battle with the 1 percent.

This bill would have required any organization that spends more than $2,500 in a calendar year to influence a campaign to register as a political committee. This would make it subject to disclosure laws and inform voters about the source of the money.

In state after state, the influence of out-of-state money has corrupted our democracy, and the “Live Free or Die” state is no exception.

For example, Wisconsin has been in the news recently because of the governor recall race and serves as an example. Some of the bills passed since the 2010 election include: a right-to-work bill, eliminating collective bargaining; a bill to weaken environmental laws to expedite the permitting process; a bill permitting guns in the state capitol; taxpayer-financed scholarships for children to attend private schools; and stand-your-ground legislation.

Does this sound familiar?

The reason it does is because of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a Washington-based organization that brings together corporations, legislators and special-interest groups to create and disseminate model bills that promote their agenda throughout the country.

Do we want New Hampshire to be another pawn in this demeaning game?

We need representatives in Concord who vote for New Hampshire people, not national political agendas.

Cynthia Muse

Rye, NH