Three-fifths vote to hike taxes sound

As the prime sponsor of CACR 6, I am pleased the New Hampshire Union Leader issued an editorial Monday in support of a three-fifths majority vote to raise new taxes or license fees.

Getting past the spurious and occasionally unseemly objections to the amendment in the House was an interesting experience. I was happy to work with the Senate to get this out of the Committee of Conference with a positive vote and thank Sen. Andy Sanborn, R-Henniker, for his leadership.

The editorial rightly pointed out that controlling taxes is the most direct method of keeping spending low. In debate on the House floor, I said, “If we are going to take money from our neighbor’s pocket, then there had better be a darn good reason.”

If there is a need to raise taxes or a fee, then that need must be justified before both the House and the Senate. If there is only a want to fund this or that special project, then the bright light of open debate and a roll-call is available for the Granite Stater to see exactly who is voting to take money from their pocket and why.

When the voters pass this amendment, the days of midnight taxes on campgrounds or single-person LLCs will be gone.

I hope the House will pass CACR 6 on Wednesday, and I know the people of New Hampshire will vote to amend their constitution to require a three-fifths supermajority to pass a new tax or license fee increase.

Rep. Jordan Ulery