Ayotte urged to back campaign finance bill

The League of Women Voters of New Hampshire decries the current state of political financing in our nation.

Rather than focusing on the concerns of voters, campaigns focus too heavily on raising funds. Too often, candidates raise those funds from sources seeking special access and special treatment once the candidate is elected.

In its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court opened the floodgates for big-money special interests in elections.

One of the results is that big money can be spent in secrecy. Corporations, unions and wealthy individuals can now engage in unlimited secret spending to elect or defeat candidates. This is unacceptable.

Voters have a right to know – whether it is a corporation, union, trade association or nonprofit advocacy group – who is making unlimited political expenditures and influencing elections.

We call on U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte to vote for S. 2219, of which Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is a co-sponsor, requiring disclosure of large sums of money for campaigns and so-called “independent” ads.

Fair and clean elections are the heart of democracy. The League of Women Voters believes Americans deserve all the information they can get before they vote.

Tell us where the money is coming from and let the voters decide.

Liz Tentarelli

Sally Davis


League of Women Voters
of New Hampshire