Telegraph unfair to House speaker

I was waiting for it, and I didn’t have to wait long.

The Telegraph was chomping at the bit to pounce on House Speaker Bill O’Brien again – this time wrongly placing blame in any way it could on the speaker for the unfortunate incident with ex-Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt.

Instead of focusing on the positive record of the speaker, it is easier for his political foes to mislead and lie about his character.

O’Brien deserves praise and credit for leading the fight for a budget that spent only what the state had. Led by the speaker, Republicans in the House created a budget that was in line with the realities of state revenues.

Over the protests of Democrats and labor unions, House and Senate budget writers stuck to their plans, and we now have a truly impressive budget that reduced state spending in real terms by more than 10 percent and also cut taxes.

Under his leadership, the House just passed a fetal homicide bill (HB 217) protecting the unborn. But that’s not enough for the people who have an intense hatred for this great leader. They would rather focus on the Bettencourt incident as being representative of the speaker and the whole body of the House.

That is misleading and unfair in the extreme. The people of New Hampshire have a true leader in O’Brien.

Diane Lothrop