Why such contempt from our lawmakers?

One of them called rape victims “defective.” Another said unemployed Granite Staters should move to Rhode Island if they didn’t like not having a job.

Others called union members “parasites,” claimed that “public sector workers are not taxpayers,” and suggested that public employees take up smoking so they would die sooner and spend less on insurance premiums.

All of these were things said by New Hampshire state representatives in the current legislative session.

These statements don’t just show a real contempt for the people who elected them. They send a clear message that many legislators don’t consider representing all of their constituents – including the unemployed, the disabled and workers who are part of a union – to be part of their job.

How can someone who uses words like “parasite” and “defective” to describe their own constituents be an effective public servant?

New Hampshire residents deserve leaders who will represent – and respect – the people who elected them.

Linda Gathright