Bettencourt behavior no shock to grandma

Many bits of wisdom were passed on by the older ones, though I didn’t understand most of it until much later.

A two-part adage was “If a person will lie about little things, they will lie about big things” and “There is no difference between a liar and a thief.”

As unpleasant as some of this is to deal with, it has saved me much grief over the years and helped develop responsibility.

This deals with disrespect. It shows in small ways but indicates a bigger problem. The problem can be with a family member or an elected official; doesn’t matter. This is a human problem.

News of former House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt’s fabrications is one more example. The disrespect extends to his colleagues and the public he was elected to represent.

Would he also take advantage of the taxpayers’ trust for personal gain? Grandma’s wisdom would say that if it hasn’t happened already, it would only be a matter of time.

Extend the same concerns of trust and respect to our highest government officials. There are problems with some in office and some who seek election.

Remember when President Barack Obama warned us it would be many years before we would see solid improvement in the economy? And that was if we did everything right.

Here’s a guy telling us things we do not want to hear. I may not like the message, but I find the honesty refreshing.

Warren Isleib