Hoping she’s wrong about gay marriage

Kansas City Star columnist Barbara Shelly predicts states eventually will accept gay marriage, and I trust that does not happen. (May 17: “Long march to altar can’t be stopped”)

One must respect gay men and women as persons, but to have them unite in marriage is contrary to religious mores as reflected in the Bible and teachings of the Catholic Church for more than 2,000 years.

The unacceptability of gay acts and marriage goes back to prewritten history, even as noted in the moral teachings of many non-Christian cultures that may not even have heard of Christianity. It is “natural law” that holds such other basic prohibitions as forbidding stealing.

Further, gay marriage is not natural simply from the fact unification of man to man or woman to woman is contrary to nature based on their body characteristics, and should they, say, adopt a child, that child would be unable to identify either as true mother or father.

Russell Pond