Speaker O’Brien abusing his power

There’s been a lot of reporting on HB 474 (right to work) and particularly House Speaker William O’Brien. His name has become the most recently mentioned in newspapers these days and he’s seen in many news broadcasts. O’Brien’s made it clear he’s against state workers, educators, firefighters, police and the elderly. He’s abusing the power entrusted to him, which is evident when the House clearly had an overwhelming presence when it came to voting on HB 474 yet he postponed the vote.

Why? Because a few of his “followers” were not present and he needs time to bully the mind-changers. Keep in mind he didn’t need full House attendance when it came to other issues like HB 2. Get the picture? House members have been receiving compelling e-mails and phone calls from voters that HB 474 is nonsense and they’ve been listening – changing their minds.

Whether a bargaining unit has fair share or agency fee language is not a statewide epidemic. Few units have the language to begin with and it’s a tough item to negotiate in the long run.

But I would like residents of Hillsborough District 6 to be aware that its representatives, William Belvin, Gary Daniels, Peter Hansen, Stephen Palmer, Robert Rowe, Stephen Stepanek and Robert Willett all voted for HB 474 (Sean Coughlin was listed as absent, excused). With their vote, they, too, are saying they’re against state workers, educators, firefighters, police and the elderly.

Keep this in mind when voting in 2012.

Penny Arsenault