Facts being twisted about right to work

No one is forced to join a union. This is enforced by federal law.

Neither dues nor fees are used for political activities. This, too, is against federal law.

All workers are protected. Dues are used for exclusive bargaining and representation.

As a 17-year Communications Workers of America member and representative, these are the facts as I know them. The contracts with affiliates FairPoint Communications and AT&T Mobility clearly state membership is voluntary.

The right-to-work bill has nothing to do with an employee’s choice to be a member. This bill reduces the ability to recoup costs for exclusive bargaining.

The fact of the matter is that the right-to-work bill interferes with federal statue and the union’s liberty to negotiate freely with the employer. The bill eliminates the freedom for two businesses to negotiate for employees whether they are members or not.

I would hope New Hampshire legislators do the right thing by not overriding the governor’s veto.

This state’s economy is flourishing without a right-to-work law. Unemployment is one of the lowest in the country. Per the CQ Press, New Hampshire has ranked at the top for the last five years as the most livable state.

The scheme of having a right-to-work law adopted would be a poor choice for the state of New Hampshire.

Felicia Augevich

District Vice President

CWA Local 1400