Hospitals praised for full-page ad but …

This is an open letter to Thomas Wilhelmsen Jr. and David Ross, the presidents and CEOs of their respective institutions, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and Saint Joseph Hospital.

I want to express my appreciation for the full-page letter that you placed this week in The Sunday Telegraph. It highlights the many gimmicks that the governmental leadership of this state continues to use to try to inadequately fund its obligations to the residents of the state.

Advocating for the elimination of the “health insurance premium tax” may be beneficial for your organizations this year, but it won’t do anything about the fundamental problem that infects this state. If it isn’t fixed, you will be advocating against another fee by a different name next budget session.

This state needs a system that equitably raises adequate revenue to meet its obligations – emphasis on equitable and adequate. I am asking you two gentlemen to use your bully pulpits and support those who are fighting for this result.

Gentlemen, I spend 7 percent of my gross household income on the payment of my property tax. I accept that as my fair share for the services that are provided to me and my family.

If every other resident of this state were to pay his or her 7 percent, then equitable and adequate would be a reality. You don’t have to go any further than your own payroll list and match it against property tax dollars paid to clearly see what I am advocating.

Ed Kirby