Giving a lift

Earlier this year, The Telegraph reported and opined on a peculiar situation involving the aggressive towing of vehicles from parking lots in downtown Nashua.

“He walks around, he rips all the paper signs that we hung up, takes the signs, whacks me in the face with them,” Kyle Ezzio, owner of the Lineage Vapors shop, which is located at 60 Main St., alleged of an altercation he had with trucker in the parking lot behind the building.

Meanwhile, local resident Tyson Ouellette told our reporter he parked in this same lot for only a few minutes to enter the vape shop to make a purchase. Ouellette alleges that when he ran back outside, he found that a trucker already had his vehicle on a hook – with his dog still inside.

“He’s like, ‘All right, buddy. I’m taking off.’ And I’m like, ‘So you’re just going to steal my dog?’ And he’s like, “That’s not my problem,” Ouellette said of his conversation with this trucker.

We do not believe the drivers of these tow trucks broke any laws in carrying the unauthorized vehicles from the parking lot, but the situation has caused some hard feelings toward those in the towing business.

Bob Ruggiero, owner of 1st Priority Automotive & Towing in Nashua, does not represent one of the companies involved in this downtown controversy, but he is likely helping the industry’s public image. He is working with The Front Door Agency, a local nonprofit that provides housing support and educational opportunities for single mothers and children who face homelessness in southern New Hampshire.

Ruggiero has been taking old or abandoned vehicles, fixing them, and donating them to the young mothers.

“By assisting The Front Door Agency, we help provide an important step to transition someone from crisis to self-sufficiency and independence, and we strengthen and enrich our community,” Ruggiero said.

“The single mom receiving this donated car has had no reliable transportation of her own and has had to rely, instead, on public transportation to get everywhere – from the grocery store to her job,” Front Door Director of Transformational Housing Rebecca Gagne said.

We thank Ruggiero for his efforts. The adversity a young single mother faces can be quite overwhelming under the best of circumstances, but it is even more challenging when the woman lacks transportation. This work should truly prove helpful to those in need.