Sidewalk shenanigans

Call us dense or dim, but we seem to be missing something when Nashua officials tell us they don’t have any money to repair the damaged sidewalks found throughout the city.

“The city is responsible for the sidewalks. We realize that there are a lot of sidewalks in need of repairs and replacement, but we don’t have enough money,” Nashua Division of Public Works spokeswoman Lauren Byers told our reporter last week.

“The list is long,” Byers added regarding sidewalks in need of attention.

As part of his planned $317.4 million budget for fiscal year 2020, Mayor Jim Donchess proposes to hire several new employees, including multiple English Language Learner teachers, an “energy manager” and a grant writer.

We strongly support the hiring of additional ELL teachers, as the few now working in the Nashua School District continue to be overwhelmed because of the ongoing influx of children that do not speak English. Also, on the surface, we find no problem with an energy manager or a grant writer.

Still, we hope the city can find some more funding to repair sidewalks. Just one example of the many sidewalks in need of attention is across from Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, located on Ledge Street between Seventh and Eighth streets. A section of the walkway has sunken in areas so that parts are now below the level of the road.

While considering all factors, Byers said decisions are made on an individual basis.

“Repairs are very important, but there are certain places, that are high pedestrian areas, where putting a sidewalk in might be needed before making a repair,” Byers added.

We hope city leaders do not grow to regret the poor condition of these sidewalks due to having to pay claims filed by those who may injure their ankles, knees, legs, hips, or other body parts while using these pathways.