Don’t break bank

We admit the idea of eating and drinking at a height of 65 feet in downtown Nashua, all while enjoying a concert at the planned Performing Arts Center, seems rather intriguing.

Indeed, adding a rooftop terrace to the center set for construction at the former Alec’s Shoes building would allow for a highly unique experience.

Still, we hope city leaders are not getting too far ahead of themselves with such ambitious ideas. After all, how much does the estimated $15.5 million price tag actually cover?

Last week, Nashua Director of Economic Development Tim Cummings discussed the ongoing project during a special Board of Aldermen meeting.

“We are continuing to work toward trying to find the private capital necessary to continue moving this project forward,” Cummings said. “We are very optimistic that we will obtain the private capital necessary to be able to move this project forward into the construction phase.”

We certainly look forward to the opening of the long-anticipated PAC. We are not sure how much of a draw it will ultimately be, but it will clearly be an upgrade from the existing structure. It should help drive some additional business in the downtown area, particularly on evenings in which it hosts performances.

However, city leaders must not go overboard with the PAC. If such ambitious rooftop seating can be added to the venue at reasonable cost, we would encourage it. If the cost is simply too high, guests may have to simply take their seats inside the venue.

We also hope city leaders do not create something that is only accessible for the affluent members of the community. This, of course, would occur if typical ticket prices are too high for many families.

We want to see the PAC succeed as a venue in which all of Greater Nashua can take pride.