No special treatment

Less than a month after winning their sixth Super Bowl, the Patriots are in the news again – this time for all the wrong reasons.

Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the Pats, faces charges of soliciting a prostitute after he was twice videotaped in a sex act at a shopping-center massage parlor in Florida, police said Friday.

The 77-year-old Kraft denied any wrongdoing. The case comes amid a crackdown on sex trafficking from Palm Beach to Orlando in which police planted cameras in massage parlors.

Kraft was not immediately arrested. Jupiter police said a warrant will be issued and his attorneys will be notified. They said details about the misdemeanor charges against the owner of the Super Bowl champion team will not be released until next week.

Hundreds of arrest warrants have been issued in recent days as a result of the six-month investigation, and more are expected. Ten spas have been closed, and several people have been taken into custody on sex trafficking charges.

Jupiter Police Chief Daniel Kerr said he was shocked to learn that Kraft, who is worth $6 billion, was paying for sex inside a shopping-center massage parlor, the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

“We are as equally stunned as everyone else,” Kerr said.

Frankly, we are, too.

While we firmly believe that everyone – regardless of social status – is innocent until proven guilty, we also hold steadfast that – if the charges are proven to be true – that social status has no bearing on the ultimate outcome of the case.

If the allegations are true, Kraft should face the same penalties as others charged in the wide-sweeping investigation. Let’s face it, Kraft should have known better. All of the people netted in the probe should have known better. This is not a victimless crime.

Authorities have said this is part of a larger case, one involving human trafficking. That could mean more stringent penalties for Kraft and the others arrested and charged. If that turns out to be the case, then justice should be served to one and all in the same fashion.