Mystery continues

Nearly two years since the closure of the former Daniel Webster College in Nashua, the building and property appear to be in virtually the same state.

And no one locally seems to know what the future may hold for the 50-acre campus, which sold for nearly $12 million in late 2017.

“Nothing has happened that I know of,” Mike Diffily, a spokesman for the property’s reported owner, said recently.

The owner is identified as Sui Liu, reportedly a Chinese national who has been represented by Virginia attorney David Lu.

Around the same time Liu purchased the property at auction, reports surfaced that the Chinese University of Hong Kong was behind the deal. University officials, however, deny this.

“In response to recent media reports which mention, ‘The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s bid for the former Daniel Webster campus in Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.,’ CUHK wishes to clarify that it has not bid for or purchased the above-mentioned site,” the university stated on its website.

Daniel Webster College was founded in the late 1960s as New England Aeronautical Institute, a two-year school that focused on aeronautical engineering and flight instruction.

The college began its rapid descent into financial trouble shortly after it was acquired by ITT Technical Institute, a for-profit entity that soon became the focus of a federal probe for allegedly leaving students stranded with high debt and few job prospects. The former school graduated its final class in May 2017.

If Sui Liu really is the property’s owner, we hope that he will soon take some form of action at the property. The last thing Nashua needs is a large parcel of property near the center of the city to fall into a state of significant disrepair and/or disheveled state.